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Peripheral Vascular Intervention

Peripheral artery disease (PAD), also referred to as peripheral vascular disease or arteriosclerosis of the extremities, is a condition that causes poor blood circulation to the kidneys, intestines, arms, legs, and feet. Blood flow may be reduced or blocked by narrowed or hardened blood vessels. This can lead to tissue and nerve injury or damage.

Peripheral Vascular Angiography and Angioplasty

Dr. Johnny R. Dy is a board-certified cardiologist trained in peripheral vascular intervention, in which blockages in blood vessels in the arms or legs are diagnosed and treated by minimally invasive procedures, such as peripheral artery angiography and balloon angioplasty and stent.

A peripheral arterial angiogram is a test that uses X-rays and dye to help Dr. Dy identify blocked areas in the arteries that supply blood to your legs. This can help diagnose peripheral artery disease (PAD) and eliminate the need for invasive surgery. Instead, Dr. Dy can perform a peripheral artery angioplasty and stent, a procedure to open narrowed or blocked blood vessels that supply blood to your legs.

Dr. Dy will insert a small balloon into the artery and inflate the balloon to open the artery and improve the blood flow. He may also insert a metal stent within the artery wall to keep it from narrowing again.

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